Professional grade 

    Are you using professional grade makeup? If not; I would love to share the limelight by alcone difference with you. Long-lasting wear is what I needed and found with this company. As a busy mom, I do not have time to constantly do touch-ups and try to reapply constantly. 

    I tried several brands of makeup and none were professional quality. Some rubbed off easily, some were affordable but pricier than limelight by alcone in the long run because I would run out a lot more. I wanted products that were cruelty-free,not tested on animals,paraben free and sulfate free. I am loving these products and can not wait to share more of my limelight by alcone experience. Learn more here

Training and resources available 

   Although we receive tons of ongoing training,webinars,graphics,conferences,tutorials and live training…our kits also come with work book style eduction and resources. You can train and learn at your own pace. The compensation plan is incredible, I have studied and researched it over the past few months. I like that it is not hard to climb up the “scale” and actually hit those ranks in this business. 

    If you prefer to do this business strictly online, you can have access to plenty of webinars and online training videos and literature. You are never left alone in this business because the company already supplies plenty of help and guidance. There is a helpful home office you can reach via phone or email. Facebook groups are my favorite way to learn new company news, updates and live makeup tutorials. Some trainings consist of self-improvement challenges or networking tips. This company has a separate training program that I have loved watching and listening to during my little ones nap times or when I am doing household chores like dishes. Limelight by alcone has certainly made sure to make training easy and conveient.

    I love working from home and being my own boss. Limelight by alcone helps many women and men in many areas make the income they deserve by being their own boss. Email for a free info package:
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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! I am thrilled that you have stopped by! Be sure to follow my blog for updates and special offers you may be interested in. A little about me: I am a mother and I work from home as a presenter with a phenomenal cosmetics and skin care company that has non toxic products. View my website to learn more about my home business, shop or to join my fantastic work at home team:

I became a Younique Presenter so I could be a stay at home mom and put my family first; and career second. Being a Younique presenter allows me to have a wonderful time learning new things, meeting new people, traveling and making a great income from the comfort of my own home. I work as little or as much as I choose and I help others do the same.  It is so nice to not have to wake up to an alarm clock, deal with rush-hour traffic constantly, answer to a boss or ask for time off if I need to attend anything for my family.